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Hey, "Look" Here "Folks"!

Hey. Politicians and pundits, we're not "folks." We're citizens. We're Americans. We're voters. We're not your "folks."  "Folks" connotes a familiarity you don't have with us. Honest. "Folks" is *too* colloquial and pandering and can sometimes imply a lack of sophistication. "Folks" does not necessarily engender respect. It implies that you "understand" me and you don't. Stop calling us "folks." Even you, Barack!

Hey. Politicans and pundits. Don't you think we know that, as soon as you say "Look," you're about to drop a line? You're about to drop a line, hook, and sinker. You're about to sugarcoat the truth or avoid it all together. You're about to, in many cases, lie. It's so obvious when you do it. Why do you keep doing it? Interviewers and moderators, why don't you call them on it? "Let me tell you" is right up there with "look." The obfuscating vocabulary of politicians. Even you, Barack!

"So look, folks" drops me to the floor entirely. 

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