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Taking a Sound Bath

GlobalsoundConfImage-1.jpgI just spent the last few days at a Global Sound Conference in Los Angeles. As a musician, I've long intuited the calming/healing power of music, or, fundamentally, sound. The glorious image at left was painted by Michael Garfield during the live concerts, which featured luminaries such as Yungchen Llamo and the awesome-forever Sheila Chandra! (On his site, scroll down to the lower right Slideshow of all the paintings he's done at different concerts. You can buy giclees or laser prints. He stands on stage with an easel and light and paints away!) All of it gave me some new ideas for my own music work, and exposed me to some incredible people with incredible visions doing incredible things. People leading drum circles in the northern part of Iraq with Shiites and Kurdes all in the same group playing *together.* (See the Health Rhythms and Drum Circles sections at People designing sound environments into hospitals and hospices. People exploring the field of cymatics and how vibrations shape liquids or particles into incredible patterns. People playing drums and gongs and quartz singing bowls. A key message to wrap your brain around is that we're all made of energy, a.k.a. sound waves. Drill down into the smallest structure of your being and you'll still find sound waves. Health and education and human development and conflict resolution structures of the future will integrate music and sound within their operational practices because they "get" that sound is a fundamental re-energizer, re-aligner, re-lifer force.

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Thank you so much for the plug... :)

June 30, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMichael Garfield

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