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Watching BSG with My Friend Alesia

My friend Alesia and I talk on the phone every Friday night after Battlestar Galactica airs. If it's really good, we call each other during the commercials. I've heard that other people do this, too. Reminds me of that gloriously free time during college when I played backgammon over the phone with a friend in another dorm. Anyway, other people do this, too, but other people, I'm sure, don't have my friend Alesia.

Alesia is a counselor. The kind who sees a lot in her job and, therefore, sees more deeply than some of us ever will.

Case in point. After last Friday's episode ("Faith"), we're discussing the scene on the base star where Sharon lies dying, reaching for comfort from fellow-Eight Athena. Athena backs away, but Sam reaches in and in a very touching, solid-Sam way, comforts Sharon in doing the thing Cylons never do -- actually and finally die. While our fav BSG reviewer, Jacob at Television without Pity, atypically glossed over this scene saying only that Athena "didn't have the strength"  to  comfort Sharon, my friend Alesia stepped up with this: "Athena couldn't help Sharon because she didn't know what to do. She couldn't know what to do. So she pulled back."

But then Sam stepped in. In the show, he took Sharon's hand and only said, 'I'm here with you.' But my friend Alesia said he was really saying 'Hey, I'm here. I will show you how we do this.' Meaning, we humans know how to do this. Here was Sam, the human-cum-Cylon, reaching out to guide another Cylon through a previously humans-only experience. Reaching out in compassion, understanding.

My friend Alesia says somebody at this show knows about life because the series always has characters going through "development stages." 

I just loved this insight. I'd felt something "special" had happened in this scene the first time I saw it. Wasn't sure if it was just the actor or the acting. But my friend Alesia put her finger on it. Are we to learn that Anders' special gift as a Cylon is this ability to comfort as the one race becomes more like the other, and the other less like itself? Transitions, if you will? That'd be kind of cool. Someone to soothe the very rough and raw edges of all the new wounds sprouting up in so many people and places around both fleets.

I wish for all of you to have a friend like Alesia on the other end of the line, and someone like Sam Anders holding your hand at the end. For all kinds of reasons. :)

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