Teflon TV
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 06:45PM
Karen Rugg in TV and Film, drama, snark, teflon, tv drama

I finally figured out what's been bugging me so much about the thing I used to love -- episodic TV drama.

It's slippery.

Dramatic things that happen to our main characters -- gunshot wounds, unexpected loss of family or friend or partner or colleague, a neverending series of intense missions -- roll off them like Teflon.

Nothing sticks. Nothing seems to have an impact. Nothing accumulates. People get scared but don't stay that way for long. People get hurt but don't stay that way for long. People rig deal after deal or undercover mission after undercover mission in the same city and nobody ever seem to notice.

Some kind of dramatic crescendo will build during an episode or a few episodes, but as soon as it's over, the next week it's right back to the snark. Right back to the "easy, breezy, beautiful" episodic drama.

With just a few exceptions.

It's just not human. It feels shallow. It feels lacking.  It feels like a cookie cutter structure, show after show. It's just not as good.

Give me some dramatic chops!

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