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The Mind-Blowing Mystery

Saw the Hubble 3D movie at IMAX this morning at the Air & Space Museum surrounded by staff from Goddard Space Flight Center who worked on many of the Hubble servicing missions, plus two shuttle astronauts who flew on those missions.

The story was mainly about the 4th and final servicing mission last year that breathed new life into the amazing machine.

But most amazing were the 3D images that had been constructed from Hubble data.

In particular, the final image of the billions and billions of *galaxies* that exist and how scientists have now seen that those galaxies are connected like strings, and that those strings make a web, and this same *web of life* exists on a cosmic scale.

The web of life -- DNA -- existing at such a level I can barely comprehend.

It is amazing. It is inspiring. It is to have but a glimpse of understanding of what this all might mean that gives meaning to life.

Go see the film!

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