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The Birth of an Artist

It was always there inside him.  But for the past few weeks America's been watching the birth of the artist who is Lee DeWyze (American Idol).

I've been talking about him on Facebook and all that. And yeah he's cute and has incredible eyes and all that stuff. He's endearingly and refreshingly shy and insecure. At the beginning of the season, painfully so.

And there's the fun part. Watching all of that change. Not entirely, mind you, but enough that we've all been brought along on Lee's confidence-building roller coaster ride. Each week he's sounded more secure in his vocals and looked more comfortable on stage. He now smiles.

And there's the best part, too. The guy's truly an artist.  And the judges see that. It's a pretty powerful thing to know you'll likely always have Simon Cowell as an ally. And Harry Connick, Jr. And Shania Train. And pretty much anybody he's worked with.

And we've gotten to see all that happen.

Break the wrappers off them cigars, kids. 'Cuz "It's an Artist."

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