An Entitlement? Really?
Monday, March 14, 2011 at 02:56PM
Karen Rugg in Blood Boilers, entitlement, social security

With all the bombastic budget bashing going on over the last few days, the one statement that increasingly irks is equating Social Security with "entitlement."

How can SS be an entitlement when *I've* paid into it for years and, as a self-employed person the last 10+ years, I've paid my entire portion ... at least 15% of my annual income.

In my view, I'm only "entitled" to something into which I've put nothing ... no thought, no effort, no funds, no blood/sweat/tears.

That ain't the case with SS.

While I understand that the word has a special meaning when connected with federal legislation, and that I'm not paying into an account in my name but into a pool that's paying for someone else's retirement right now and, therefore, I don't really have direct access or ownership of the thousands I've paid in over the years ... I don't care.

SS isn't an entitlement. It's a promise due based on my personal investment.

So stop linking the word with SS, at least not quite so frequently.


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