Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 03:47PM
Karen Rugg in Inspire, Random, neighborhoods, neighbors, rally, runaway dog

Played my flutes yesterday morning at the Cathedral prior to a lecture by a Benedictine nun. There's nothing better than playing to an audience of the receptively converted. Meaning, they were open to the experience. I had twinges of nervousness when I felt many eyes focused on me (at Labyrinth, nobody's paying any attention to me, not really), but I soldiered through. And had a few folks come up afterwards with questions and asking for cards. Gotta get that CD done! And I contacted the NICoE about possibly playing there, so that thread is starting to be woven. So, feeling more motivated and inspired to pursue all of this further. 

And was out riding my bike this afternoon. Was on my way back and came upon this little girl walking her dog. Suddenly she dropped the leash by accident. The dog got away from her and went running down the sidewalk, she running after it and yelling and crying. I followed her and passed her and followed the dog who somehow wisely ran just on the sidewalks and not in the street. I yelled ahead to people to "stop the dog" and waved at cars. A couple of black SUVs passed me and they'd try to turn across the sidewalk in front of the dog but she went around the car a couple of times. We were getting closer to a much busier intersection and one of the SUVs swung into a driveway with some hedges at a house and the dog went into the backyard. Some people were also chasing on foot. The whole neighborhood was rallying! An older gentleman caught the dog and kept it in the backyard while the girl, Griffin, came sobbing up the sidewalk. She was *so* upset. I think her parents must have jumped in a car because there was a man and woman who went to her and called her by name and comforted her. It was pretty intense! But, it was nice to see everyone spring into action. I passed one of the SUVs on the way back and he asked if we'd "got the dog" and I said we had. So, that adventure was over with.

So it's been a weekend of experiences of all kinds. The kind of weekend that leads one to get in her car and head to the coffeehouse before the day is done. So, off I go.

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