Inspired to Action
Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 07:03PM
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Based on the length of time passed since my last entry, one would think I've been lacking a bit for inspiration. That's not true. Inspiration comes and goes -- just so fast that I forget what I was going to write about!

But some things of note of the past few days worth remembering:

1) Weekend visit to Rochester for Aubrey's, Addyson's and Averye's 2nd birthday. Lots of little girls running around. Lots of chasing. Lots of parroting by two in particular that was absolutely hilarious. And the third succumbed to a sugar-frosting-induced whirling dervish and impish activity show that had all of us laughing so hard we were crying. And they have no idea ... they just absorb it all. Or, do they know how they manipulate and exhaust and fascinate us adults with their innocent antics? Methinks they do.

2) Posthumous awarding of Medal of Valor to a Vietnam vet today ...watched via CNN. The Army soldier's heroic rescue and ultimate sacrifice given to save his brothers, more than 42 years ago, was recounted by fellow soldiers and another Vietnam vet who stumbled across his misplaced citation in the National Archives not long ago. Today, his division of the 101st Airborne and his widowed wife accepted the Medal from a grateful President and nation. The details of what he ... Specialist Leo Sabo ... did would just blow your mind. True inspiration.

3) Reading "The Field" by Lynn McTaggart ... mind-blowing. Changes the world. Changes your perception of the world and life if you let it. Not done with it yet but have recommended to everyone I've seen so far this week.

So, there, I feel better. A little bit written.

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