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Toe Vibration Equals Good Day

For a moment while riding my bike this morning on a local trail, I could feel the vibrations from the pedaling and the motion of the wheels against the pavement in the toes of my shoes.

A tingling vibration, right in the toes of my shoes.

Everything was in motion and knew it was in motion at the same time.

Maybe it was there before, but I just wasn't aware.

It felt cool.



Doesn't matter how many times I watch this, I still feel good. Take a break and watch this gem from an unwitting world humanitarian.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.


Tar and Feather Time

Is it just me, or is it getting increasingly ludicrous the number of people from the current Administration and GOP being being indicted or being cited for contempt or being called up on charges of illegal hiring practices or being convicted of bribes or of just generally caring *nothing at all* about this country and its people.

Not to mention the biggest crime of all. Okay, Iraq.

The latest NPR story about DoJ's Goodling being brought up on specific charges of asking politically-motivated questions as a method for screening candidates for non-political positions was the straw that snapped my back. I mean, my God, this woman was asking applicants about their stands on abortion and other hot-button issues. I mean, my God!

And where is Bush? What is he doing? What is he saying?

Not that, I, like, can stand to see him or listen to him, but he's had nothing to say about the economy or gas prices or the earthquake or the fires in California or the flooding in the midwest or the candidates or the bombings in China or the latest bombings in India or Baghdad.

He's already personna non grata. But he's doing it on his terms.

Uh-uh. He ain't gonna get away with it. We can't let him. At least not without a good coating of tar and feathers first.

Cry for justice, people. Cry for justice. (And I ain't making Congress blameless either, not with its 9 percent approval rating. Get to work for the people, people in Congress, or the people are gonna fight back.)


Canvassing for Obama

I've never "canvassed" before. Don't like knocking on people's doors -- not since UNICEF days. Don't like invading privacy. But, after the start of what was eventually 46 doors, I figured out that , if people don't want to talk to me, they won't bother opening the door. Plus I wasn't asking for anything other than information and which way they were leaning in November. It was actually not too bad.

The best part was seeing all the other volunteers who came to the Alexandria office for Obama/Warner that Saturday morning. There were lots of people volunteering, and even more were there in the afternoon when I got back from my shift.

People are jazzed. And hopeful. And inspired. All good stuff.

I actually talked to a registered Republican who was very thankful for my volunteer work -- he thinks it's very important. Even if he is voting for McCain. (But he's voting for Warner for Senate.)

So, in the end, there really was nothing to be scared of. And, in the end, I figured I've been jabbed enough with the Fear Needle  with all the crap that's been going on the last eight years. So, what's a little more?

If your local office calls you to help out in the next 100 days, go for it. You feel more like yourself, you feel part of your community, you feel part of the world. Part of the "people of the world."

Now that's progress.


Cortes Got to Canada?

View%20fr%20Seascape%20Rd%20Beach.jpgActually, no. But there's an island named for him up north of Vancouver. There's one named "Hernando," too. Neither part of the great explorer was there. But that doesn't matter to the unusual, entirely non-mainstream residents of this island reachable by ferry or floatplane.

I just got back from a six-day escape there at my sister's cabin on Cortes Island.  People go to amazing places to do amazing things. Like sound healing and body work. There are cool people there, eking out a living in a small place with high prices.

My nephew was at a camp called Power of Hope while we were there. Interesting premise.

Beautiful scenery. Clear air. People with accents.

But now I'm back in my crazy real world, soaking up TiVo'd episodes of Doctor Who and Stargate Atlantis and The Closer and the Tour de France. And catching up on email and mail-mail. And chatting with friends.

It's amazing how many different ways there are to be in this world.

It's nice to be back exploring in my own backyard.