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I'm all about Quest, Connect and Inspire through writing, music, advocacy and action.

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Inspired to Action

Based on the length of time passed since my last entry, one would think I've been lacking a bit for inspiration. That's not true. Inspiration comes and goes -- just so fast that I forget what I was going to write about!

But some things of note of the past few days worth remembering:

1) Weekend visit to Rochester for Aubrey's, Addyson's and Averye's 2nd birthday. Lots of little girls running around. Lots of chasing. Lots of parroting by two in particular that was absolutely hilarious. And the third succumbed to a sugar-frosting-induced whirling dervish and impish activity show that had all of us laughing so hard we were crying. And they have no idea ... they just absorb it all. Or, do they know how they manipulate and exhaust and fascinate us adults with their innocent antics? Methinks they do.

2) Posthumous awarding of Medal of Valor to a Vietnam vet today ...watched via CNN. The Army soldier's heroic rescue and ultimate sacrifice given to save his brothers, more than 42 years ago, was recounted by fellow soldiers and another Vietnam vet who stumbled across his misplaced citation in the National Archives not long ago. Today, his division of the 101st Airborne and his widowed wife accepted the Medal from a grateful President and nation. The details of what he ... Specialist Leo Sabo ... did would just blow your mind. True inspiration.

3) Reading "The Field" by Lynn McTaggart ... mind-blowing. Changes the world. Changes your perception of the world and life if you let it. Not done with it yet but have recommended to everyone I've seen so far this week.

So, there, I feel better. A little bit written.


Kitty Walk

Took Hubble for his first "walk" today in his little red kitty harness. He basically skulked across stoops and rolled in dirt and mulch. All the while I stood over him with leash in hand. He did really well with his inaugural walk and was very patient for Mom while I strapped him in. He's a good guy.



Everybody's Writing

There are books, books everywhere. Written and discovered. Written by people I know and people I don't.

When I was younger I used to ride my bike home from the library with the handlebar basket piled high with books. I'd read everything and anything.

I'm older now and much more read. It's rare I find one book anymore that really pulls me in, let alone seven.

What's cooler is the books I do find often have a personal connection.

My sister Leslie Meehan's s thesis is now a book. "Our Birth as Holo Sapiens: Navigating Our Passage through Climate Change."

My friend Pamela Douglas has two books out now: "Back to Life," about her experiences surviving a very serious surgery, and "Writing the TV Drama," which has fast become the "go-to" book in Hollywood for writers who care about their craft.

I discovered Dave Housley's work from a small boutique on 36th St in Baltimore. His first collection of stunning and snarky short stories is out: "Ryan Seacrest Is Famous."

I'm sure my friend Janice's book about her life and the creatures/humans she's loved within it will be published soon.

I've referred "Everything Matters" by Ron Currie, Jr., to just about any smart, serious reader I know.

So, basically, I'm just saying that it's nice to still find books that I would consider stacking into my handlebar basket and peddling home to read. That books are still a source of discovery achieved and quests fulfilled.




Little Things That Change

I'm looking at my life statement about being all about questing and inspiring and connecting through writing and advocacy and action.

Whew. I'm just exhausted reading that.

Maybe not so much action anymore.

I'm older. I'm allowed. Things change. :)

Oh, and Kyle Chandler won an Emmy for "Friday Night Lights". As did writer Jason Katims. Yea. Thankfully, things changed and they finally got recognized.

Oh, and did I tell you my cat Hubble now only eats fish-flavored cat food? He used to eat beef or chicken flavored stuff, but he stopped. It's kind of weird because I'm a pescetarian (vegetarian who eats fish). Is he channeling his owner? For him, his tastes have changed.

And today I got a new office chair. Thank God that that thing changed.

And I could go on and on and on, but then, nothing will have changed.

So I won't.


Blown Away

A man who holds a cooler door closed with a bungee cord until he's ripped away by the tornado. Twelve others inside survive.

Another man scours the wreckage of a hospital emergency room, flashlight held between his teeth. 

A woman covers her child with her body.

The world continues down its current path of extremes.

From the most extreme devastation comes the most extreme dedication.

From the most extreme horror comes the most extreme heroism.

From the most extreme chaos comes the most extreme caring.

From Tuscaloosa to Joplin and many places in between, I've been blown away by the power of human nature that rises in response to the power of Mother Nature.

As I go through the tasks of everyday life -- feeding the cat, driving around on errands, working on the computer, vacuuming and dusting, doing laundry and dishes, watering the flowers -- I realize that thousands of people can't do those small things right now and won't be able to for a long time.

So, a thought, as you go about your lives this coming week, do one thing on behalf of a "citizen of Joplin." Take your dog on a walk, for Joplin. Grill a hamburger, for Joplin. Tie your child's shoe, for Joplin. Take a yoga class, for Joplin. Make a presentation, for Joplin.

Let's live our lives and get our work done and I have a feeling they'll sense it, in Joplin.