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This time of year, the winds blow and all those little helicopter-like seed pods from the maple trees come twirling down through the air. It looks like snow, there're so many. Tree Twizzlers. Twirling, spinning. Dropping to plant their little maple feet in the soil and spit up a couple of tiny green leaves in a couple of days.

Spring is a gorgeous season here.


Hey, "Look" Here "Folks"!

Hey. Politicians and pundits, we're not "folks." We're citizens. We're Americans. We're voters. We're not your "folks."  "Folks" connotes a familiarity you don't have with us. Honest. "Folks" is *too* colloquial and pandering and can sometimes imply a lack of sophistication. "Folks" does not necessarily engender respect. It implies that you "understand" me and you don't. Stop calling us "folks." Even you, Barack!

Hey. Politicans and pundits. Don't you think we know that, as soon as you say "Look," you're about to drop a line? You're about to drop a line, hook, and sinker. You're about to sugarcoat the truth or avoid it all together. You're about to, in many cases, lie. It's so obvious when you do it. Why do you keep doing it? Interviewers and moderators, why don't you call them on it? "Let me tell you" is right up there with "look." The obfuscating vocabulary of politicians. Even you, Barack!

"So look, folks" drops me to the floor entirely. 


Young at Heart at Elmo's


... every time. Tonight, it was the Not-So-Modern Jazz Quartet ("plus two") at St. Elmo's Coffeehouse. Some very talented older gentlemen in their red polo shirts -- on string bass, electric guitar, upright piano, clarinet, saxophone ... vocals by several lovely women whose voices take you right back to the Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo park. These guys are good. And everybody loves listening. All ages. Elmo's goes "young at heart" every Thursday night with this crowd. How lucky we are.


Neutrinos in Action

newzealandsky2.jpgSomewhere at some place, maybe in Wired magazine, I read about particles that smash into each other and other particles that can't avoid each other. And particles that attract each other and that circle around each other spinning and whirling and twirling and sparking. I think this is how synchronicity works. How it feels. Proof positive. Drove down to St. Elmo's tonite for my daily chai. I'm walking up to the coffeehouse and suddenly my writer friend Anna appears. She shouts my name. She and her husband and friend had just walked through St. Elmo's, thinking I might be there. They walk out the door and see me walking toward them. How synchronistic! How "weird." "Weird" -- that catch-all phrase to explain the inexplicable. The inexplicable that somehow feels familiar. So that was cool.

What was not cool was just seeing Georgie Porgie Bush on American Idol, acknowledging how one person with talent can "win over millions." AI history has also proven how someone with no talent can win over millions, and it ain't a pretty picture. Bush has proven that, too. Scary, scary past 8 years. Are we out the other side yet? Barak? Barak? 


The Power of Community

 fleurdelis.jpgJust got back from a full moon meditation with my compatriots in Laconneau. Women get it. Women get the idea of the balance of male and female energy. And that that is the way it should be. Duh!