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Is Anyone Happy?

Where do Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats get the idea that anyone is *happy* (other than them) with their health care insurance?

Every time I hear "the people who are happy with their health care insurance are really concerned" a voice screams in my head -- who? Who are they? How can anyone be *happy* with their insurance?

I have insurance, yeah, but I'm I'm not "happy" that my premium just shot up $100 a month and so I'm going to switch to a higher deductible.

If you're lucky enough to have insurance, you're unhappy with the cost of the premium. Whether you're an employer or an employee or *certainly* whether you're self-employed, as I am. And I have to pay the entire freight. Sure, I'm "lucky" I have insurance, but I'm as unlucky as the rest of you by being led through the nose by a steel ring every year with my annual insurance premium increase letter. And don't even get me started about dental insurance.

Those who cry out that reform is headed in the wrong direction don't care that *something* must be done. And that a public option is the only real alternative.

I thought everybody agreed we need change? Don't co-opt this critical need for political purposes.

Read this article about the recent free Wise clinic in Virginia that drew thousands who've waited a year for some kind of medical treatment, especially dental. This tells you the needs.

Ignore the screamers. Ignore the pundits. Seek out rational voices and rational arguments. Read the facts. Talk with your elected officials as an ally, not a foe. At least until they prove themselves to be one on this issue.

Kudos to President Obama for stirring this pot that's been on simmer for too long. It's ugly now, but it'll be uglier if we don't do something. The thing that disturbs me, though, is that the private insurance companies are even allowed to be part of the mix moving forward, but I suppose we have to start somewhere.

As MSNBC's Keith Olbermann said in his Special Comment segment, our elected officials are there to represent *us*, the People. And not the health care insurers or corporations.

Yes, we can! And we must.



I've Been Mad Men'd

And I love it.


Incoherence, Coherently

The light shines and music swims between my ears and a silver car flashes up the concrete past two-legs in red across a brown fork trail of wood while tree leaves move as if shoved by the wind of a passing gazelle running five thousand feet up because hooves stick into the melting Earth and the music swims between its ears too even though she doesn't know the notes but that doesn't matter because noone really does even when they're trying so hard that minds turn blue and cheeks turn red and the body stands stiff like a radio tower at the top of a mountain so high its trees gave up long ago and welcomed something more like the moon but that boasts so many more footprints and bootprints and tiretracks and bicycle tracks because everyone visits and everyone takes large leaps.



Most Totally Awesome

I'm spinning through the Tour de France, totally enjoying the incredible strategy and outdoor beauty and wacko athletes of this annual 3-week insane event.

Even better, Lance is back. More relaxed. Smiling. Sharing really great videos at his site. Laughing and talking with a lot of people in the peloton, doesn't matter which team. He's so happy to be back.

Here's today's vid, shot this morning France-time, and best of all with buddies, albeit not teammates, Mark Cavendish ("Max Cav," *the* fastest man alive) and the ever suave, amazing, loyal and dependable George Hincapie ("Lead-out George," the best lead-out man for Cav). And Lance loves them both. He loves honest talent and humility; the first of course he has the most of; the second, maybe not so much. But that makes Lance Lance. Enjoy! And check out every day's race videos, including really informative behind-the-scenes stuff from contributor Chris at


Not Me

Karen makes masks from feathers she takes from road kill and from discards on the ground.

Karen has two sons who, one night, sat around a campfire on their 10-acre property and played drums until 2 in the morning.

Karen saved a hawk after being blown end-over-end by the backwash of a passing 18-wheeler. She set it on a box in her front seat and drove home. It was so stunned its eyes rolled around and around. She wasn't thinking about what she'd do if it came to. She got home and wrapped her forearm in a towel. It proceeded to sit on her arm for a half hour until it shook its wings and its head and took off. 

Karen lived four years with a medicine woman out West, studying her ways and learning how to build sweat lodges and everything.

Karen's a registered nurse. She works in hospice. She's learning to play the harp.

I learned all this over dinner at the Somerset Harp Festival last night.

Whoever said harpers are milk-toast sissies has never met Karen Ellmore.

You go, girl.