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The Power of "Er"

ERposter.jpgI made up this sign a couple of years ago at a "creative emergence" workshop run by the very gifted and talented and visionary Michelle James.

After I finished it, of course I noticed all the words that end with "-er." Dreamer. Writer. Singer. Sister. Persuade. Puzzler. Planner. Biker. Avenger.

What is the power that these two simple letters have that, when attached to the end of a word, make that word something we can strive to be? Or something we celebrate as what we already are? Yea!

That led me to Ur -- the ancient civilization in southern Mesopotamia and now Iraq (there's something to that, too, I'm sure).

In Ur, people farmed and studied and made things. They were actually the earliest "-er's." Or "-ur's." Did an artifact of the word "Ur" find its way into how we identify people who help shape and create and move a civilization along? Just food for thought.

What "-ur's" are in your make-up?