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I'm all about Quest, Connect and Inspire through writing, music, advocacy and action.

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Little Things That Change

I'm looking at my life statement about being all about questing and inspiring and connecting through writing and advocacy and action.

Whew. I'm just exhausted reading that.

Maybe not so much action anymore.

I'm older. I'm allowed. Things change. :)

Oh, and Kyle Chandler won an Emmy for "Friday Night Lights". As did writer Jason Katims. Yea. Thankfully, things changed and they finally got recognized.

Oh, and did I tell you my cat Hubble now only eats fish-flavored cat food? He used to eat beef or chicken flavored stuff, but he stopped. It's kind of weird because I'm a pescetarian (vegetarian who eats fish). Is he channeling his owner? For him, his tastes have changed.

And today I got a new office chair. Thank God that that thing changed.

And I could go on and on and on, but then, nothing will have changed.

So I won't.