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Blown Away

A man who holds a cooler door closed with a bungee cord until he's ripped away by the tornado. Twelve others inside survive.

Another man scours the wreckage of a hospital emergency room, flashlight held between his teeth. 

A woman covers her child with her body.

The world continues down its current path of extremes.

From the most extreme devastation comes the most extreme dedication.

From the most extreme horror comes the most extreme heroism.

From the most extreme chaos comes the most extreme caring.

From Tuscaloosa to Joplin and many places in between, I've been blown away by the power of human nature that rises in response to the power of Mother Nature.

As I go through the tasks of everyday life -- feeding the cat, driving around on errands, working on the computer, vacuuming and dusting, doing laundry and dishes, watering the flowers -- I realize that thousands of people can't do those small things right now and won't be able to for a long time.

So, a thought, as you go about your lives this coming week, do one thing on behalf of a "citizen of Joplin." Take your dog on a walk, for Joplin. Grill a hamburger, for Joplin. Tie your child's shoe, for Joplin. Take a yoga class, for Joplin. Make a presentation, for Joplin.

Let's live our lives and get our work done and I have a feeling they'll sense it, in Joplin.