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The Lowes Effect

I'm renovating my kitchen. Completely.

This means a lot of research and visioning and planning and scoping things out. So I ventured for the first time to a nearby Lowes to dive into the world of countertops and flooring. Just to see what's out there.

I discovered something else. That, in the land of home improvement -- at Lowes or Home Depot or wherever -- everyone becomes one in confusion, searching, deciding between options. You're all in it together. Strangers talk to strangers. Strangers help strangers find something. Strangers stand next to each other and trade ideas or opinions or a "hey, I never thought of doing that!."

Strangers pass each other and smile at the mirrored bewildered look on the other person's face.

It happened to me a few times at Lowes.

I found the place an unexpected and odd nexus for camraderie. Ad oddly reassuring feeling as I know I'll have to go back again.

Nice to know my fellow renovators have my back as I head for the front line.