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The Names of Our Lives

Certain names seem to come into my life associated with certain times and with certain kinds of people.

There are the "John"'s. John Barrowman of Doctor Who and Torchwood. John Sheppard, a character on Stargate Atlantis. John Crichton, another great character on Farscape. John Doe, the character of ill-fated Fox series. John Ottman and John Williams – film composers. Oh yeah, and there's John, my dad.

There's "Peter." They all seem to be musicians and actors, too. Peter Gallagher. Peter Bradley Adams. Peter Gabriel. Peter, the guy I sailed with. Peter – the guy I met in England who was cool even if he spun a tale about jamming with Elton John for me the naïve Yank.

And "Michael." And this is where we seem to get into visionary territory. There's Mykal Aubry, the artist. There's Michael Margolis, founder of Thirsty-Fish and pretty powerful human being. There's Michael Garfield, another wonderful artist. Michael Danna, musician. Michael Hopper, musician.

For the ladies there's any derivation of "Jan." I have Janis, Janie, Janet and Jan in my life.

So I've come to believe that certain names imbue their namesakes with certain ways of being in the world. There's a cool book called The Sacred Power of Your Name. It's out of print, but copies exist here and there.

About "John" it says: Meaning = "God's gracious gift." This name has ties to ancient energies and past masters. … the "h" is the energy of the life breath being breathed anew. It is associated with the energies of initiation and the expression of energies and potentials in the physical world.

About "Peter" it says: Meaning = "Rock; strong in spirit." Those of this name have an energy that ties them to the lesson of building strength and new foundations.

About "Michael" it says: Meaning = "One who is like God." Those of this name have come to work with powerful energies and powerful life experiences. They have an inherent ability to manifest patience and prosperity through knowledge.

To me, hearing these names is like meeting an old friend again and again. Always there with me through life.

What names are in your life?