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Focus on Flutes

I got myself involved in organizing an annual Native American Flute festival. And so I've learned that, if you want to see something move forward, you have to become involved.

As many times as I've tried to stay on the periphery, it doesn't work.

And with it come all the requisite headaches, stresses and occasional high moments when everything runs well.

It's worth it, though. As a medallion embedded in the wood of my first harp says, "Music Will Save the World." Not only that, music shapes it, defines it, soothes and heals it.

Got music? :)


Flute Sharing

Had the chance to play my Native American flutes at St. Elmo's CoffeePub last Friday. The picture's courtesy of staff member Brett, who had posted it at Elmo's Facebook page. (Fan them!)

I answered lots of questions. Lulled some kids to sleep (that's a good thing). Got into a couple of pretty cool and deep improvs.

I am so grateful to be in this neighborhood that gives me the chance to stretch my wings, uh, fingers, uh, breath. All that stuff.