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Amazing NPR Interview

You have *got* to listen to this interview by Scott Simon with 9-year-old journlist Brennan LaBrie.

Just makes you smile your a** off.



Putting it out there

I've been working on a screenplay for months now, about an idea I've had for years now. I put it in the mail today to a screenwriting competition that I used as a goad to get me to finish.

It's a day of synchronicities that I hope are honoring the work that I've done and are giving me a little bit of a nod. I'm watching "The Dreamkeeper" -- a film about Native American tradition right now. It came by Netflix today. And the title of my script is "The Lightkeeper."

I received an email card of congratulations from my parents. It was a card that featured a beach and sand and ... a lighthouse (subject of my script). It just showed up in their Inbox today as a new option from their email card service.

I lost a small piece of equipment that I use to access internal work email systems. Called the IT people to report it today. Was filling out a form to send in when I got a call from another person in their office. She had just been reading the ticket that reported my loss when a Security person walked in and turned in the piece of equipment I'd lost. She was calling to tell me it'd been returned. She said that simultaneous occurrance of a Ticket report and the item showing up had never happened before.

Some of you know I'm on a new spiritual path. One that teaches the balance of male/female energies and the need to take action to protect those who can't protect themselves. And that being a spiritual being is a 24-7 deal. So all this week, NPR has been airing a series of specials exploring the nature of spiritual experience and how spirituality differs from religion. Oh, so true.

So I dare to hope that these "nods" from the universe help me know I've put myself on the right path. At least for now.

Oh, and the fact that Obama made "empathy" a requirement for Supreme Court Justice nominees is the icing on the cake. Icing on the proverbial cake.


Tar and Feather Time

Is it just me, or is it getting increasingly ludicrous the number of people from the current Administration and GOP being being indicted or being cited for contempt or being called up on charges of illegal hiring practices or being convicted of bribes or of just generally caring *nothing at all* about this country and its people.

Not to mention the biggest crime of all. Okay, Iraq.

The latest NPR story about DoJ's Goodling being brought up on specific charges of asking politically-motivated questions as a method for screening candidates for non-political positions was the straw that snapped my back. I mean, my God, this woman was asking applicants about their stands on abortion and other hot-button issues. I mean, my God!

And where is Bush? What is he doing? What is he saying?

Not that, I, like, can stand to see him or listen to him, but he's had nothing to say about the economy or gas prices or the earthquake or the fires in California or the flooding in the midwest or the candidates or the bombings in China or the latest bombings in India or Baghdad.

He's already personna non grata. But he's doing it on his terms.

Uh-uh. He ain't gonna get away with it. We can't let him. At least not without a good coating of tar and feathers first.

Cry for justice, people. Cry for justice. (And I ain't making Congress blameless either, not with its 9 percent approval rating. Get to work for the people, people in Congress, or the people are gonna fight back.)