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Sharpen Our Instincts for Empathy

That's how we become better.

That's how we honor those killed in Tucson.

That's how we rise to our own potential.

That's how we answer the question "what can I do?"

Thank you, President Obama, for the words that put the task before us.




Riot Act

Got read one last night. Politicians did. And deservedly so.

I have this sinking feeling that if we were all ever really able to pay real attention to what politicians at the federal level have done to damage and disrupt our lives, I'd be searching for an exit door pretty quick.

At least the Republicans didn't sit on their bums during last night's State of the Union. To not show any sign of unity or agreement is just what divides us even further. Get out of your chairs! Act like adults who give a damn! I would have given *anything* to see one Republican stand up and applaud when no one else in his/her party was doing so.

What turns the tide is unity. What turns the tide is people reaching out and shaking hands -- making connections however they can. Become the better man. Become the better woman. 

What lifts spirits and energizes hearts is acting from a place that you weren't before -- the next level, the one where the "I" becomes "i" and the "Me" becomes "We." When courage pushes you from behind and pulls you ahead.

That, and Barack's smile.


Thank You

Thank you to Ted Kennedy and all the Kennedy's who have given so much to the cause of public service. Thank you to the people who worked so hard to organize everything today. Thank you to the many people who visited him at the library and the church and the Capitol steps and the streets through Washington and across the bridge into Arlington Cemetery. Thank you to the military personnel who move so gracefully and precisely and beautifully and in the true spirit of protecting those who should be protected and honored. Thank you to the pilots who flew everyone around safely today. Thank you to Chris Matthews of MSNBC for saying what I'd been thinking all day, "I've never seen so many good-looking children in one place." Thank you to the congressional staff for their service. Thank you to those who revealed stories of his sailing and his love of the sea. I understand now. Thank you to President Obama for your grace and beautiful smile and empathy.

And gently, into the good night.


The Variety Just Slays Me

In the space of 90 minutes, I've:

1) Watched "Do Da Stanky Legg" because of a reference on NPR. Yep, NPR. It's just totally fun. And that leg motion, I don't know, that kinda reminds of something we were all doin' back in the '80s. (My favorite part is the "bootie-do."

2) Watched President Obama's wonderful, insightful, truthful, plainspoken speech in Cairo today. My spirits, when we finally get to creating the wonderful Federation of Planets or some Trekkian equivalent, I vote Mr. Obama as the Main Idea Human. Because, you know, he just *gets* it.

The world is just so amazingly good at being amazingly silly and amazingly serious at the same time. That's gotta mean something, don't it? (And please do watch Obama's speech, if even just the last 5 minutes or so where he lays out the world we *all* want to live in.



Putting it out there

I've been working on a screenplay for months now, about an idea I've had for years now. I put it in the mail today to a screenwriting competition that I used as a goad to get me to finish.

It's a day of synchronicities that I hope are honoring the work that I've done and are giving me a little bit of a nod. I'm watching "The Dreamkeeper" -- a film about Native American tradition right now. It came by Netflix today. And the title of my script is "The Lightkeeper."

I received an email card of congratulations from my parents. It was a card that featured a beach and sand and ... a lighthouse (subject of my script). It just showed up in their Inbox today as a new option from their email card service.

I lost a small piece of equipment that I use to access internal work email systems. Called the IT people to report it today. Was filling out a form to send in when I got a call from another person in their office. She had just been reading the ticket that reported my loss when a Security person walked in and turned in the piece of equipment I'd lost. She was calling to tell me it'd been returned. She said that simultaneous occurrance of a Ticket report and the item showing up had never happened before.

Some of you know I'm on a new spiritual path. One that teaches the balance of male/female energies and the need to take action to protect those who can't protect themselves. And that being a spiritual being is a 24-7 deal. So all this week, NPR has been airing a series of specials exploring the nature of spiritual experience and how spirituality differs from religion. Oh, so true.

So I dare to hope that these "nods" from the universe help me know I've put myself on the right path. At least for now.

Oh, and the fact that Obama made "empathy" a requirement for Supreme Court Justice nominees is the icing on the cake. Icing on the proverbial cake.