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The Variety Just Slays Me

In the space of 90 minutes, I've:

1) Watched "Do Da Stanky Legg" because of a reference on NPR. Yep, NPR. It's just totally fun. And that leg motion, I don't know, that kinda reminds of something we were all doin' back in the '80s. (My favorite part is the "bootie-do."

2) Watched President Obama's wonderful, insightful, truthful, plainspoken speech in Cairo today. My spirits, when we finally get to creating the wonderful Federation of Planets or some Trekkian equivalent, I vote Mr. Obama as the Main Idea Human. Because, you know, he just *gets* it.

The world is just so amazingly good at being amazingly silly and amazingly serious at the same time. That's gotta mean something, don't it? (And please do watch Obama's speech, if even just the last 5 minutes or so where he lays out the world we *all* want to live in.