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Let Barack Be Barack

Blood's boiling just ever so slightly. But I get it.

Obama says he's going to wait before seeking to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" law that prohibits members of the military from openly stating their sexual orientation without fear of recrimination. I hope he's still serious.

Since the election I've been inspired to break out my season 1 of "The West Wing." Soaking up the Bartlett administration's enthusiasm and rush to change is like reliving the Obama campaign of the past few months and hopefully pre-saging the months to come.

In the episode "Let Barlett Be Bartlett" the hapless Sam Seaborn is sent in to "get feedback" from top military brass about the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. There's question about whether the president is really serious about repealing it, which was a campaign promise. The conclusion at the meeting is that the president doesn't really intend to repeal it, otherwise he wouldn't have just sent Sam in the first place.

And this in a TV show of at least seven years ago.

I hope Barack "Let's Barack Be Barack" and doesn't go back on promises made.

Anything that keeps people from living freely as who they are is bad policy.




Can Ya Feel It?

The clock is ticking. Just under 11 hours to (EST time) before the polls open.

The sense of things is changing. I hope, I hope, I hope. Can you feel it? A shift. A sea change. A groundswell and a mind-meld.

We have a real opportunity. An opportunity to fundamentally change who we are, where we're going, how people view us, what we do in this world.

Last night I attended a local screening of a film called "Finding Our Voices." Its primary goal is to explore the role of dissent in a democracy. It's presented in the context of the Iraq War; i.e., it was a war predicated on a lie. Eight individuals who's spoken out against the war are profiled. Their stories are compelling.

There were people from both sides in the audience. We could all agree on the importance of dissent in a democracy, no matter which side you're on. The producer said it best -- it's our *job* to push back. As citizens in this democracy, it's our *job* to speak out. Yeah, it's scarier today because, thanks to Bush, there are consequences. But it's still our job. Check our their site.

And the comic relief continues. I saw this YouTube creation over at and couldn't resist embedding here. In fact, the woman singing looks a bit like Tina Fey. It's very creative.


Spooky But Spot On

My good friend Joan does a cool kind of astrology. She's also a travel agent and a bunch of other things. She just started a blog called "Karmic Astrology" where she explores the astrological context around current events. For example, the anticipated performances of the current presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

She's really good at this. What she wrote before the VP debate turned out to be spookily exactly right.

The shadow of Neptune is unreality and obfuscation - so it is very possible for those who like the star power of Palin she will hit a home run saying absolutely nothing. Mercury will be in her third house - the house of communications. Democrats expecting her to make a total idiot of herself will be disappointed..

The Clincher

"It's not about me. It's about you."

Spoken by presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Hearts go thumpity-thump. Let the blood of hope course through your veins.