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424 Works

Tuned my harp from the standard 440 mhz to 424 mhz per Ra music approach.

It works.

Everything felt and sounded more grounded. Everything felt and sounded more resonant. It was fun to play some of the same stuff again because it sounded different. More rich.

Try it.


Listening in 424

ramusic_ib_home.jpgOne of the most fascinating discoveries I made at the Global Sound Conference in May was meeting the founders of Ra Music.  Ra Music was created by Hollywood SFX producer and composer Alan Howarth. Alan co-led a workshop at the conference.

Basically, Ra Music is about the fact that most music is composed today to a man-made standard of A=440 so that people can play music with each other and be in tune with each other. Throughout history, "A" has equaled different frequencies in ancient cathedral organs or in world-renowned symphonies, anywhere from 415 to 445.

Alan and friends, through research in some pretty cool places, discovered that Nature creates sound with A=424. And, that music converted from 440 to 424 has a deeper resonance with our own natures. They built a little demo sound bubble for their exhibit space. I sat in it and heard the difference. It's profound. I got so excited I invited anyone walking by to sit down and hear the difference.

So I'm tuning my harp to 424 and we'll see what happens. As soon as I get my sampling equipment set up, I'll post some files on My Music page. If you have an electric keyboard where you can adjust the master tuning with the turn of a dial, as we did at Alan's booth, check it out for yourself. It's really, really cool!