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Thank You

Thank you to Ted Kennedy and all the Kennedy's who have given so much to the cause of public service. Thank you to the people who worked so hard to organize everything today. Thank you to the many people who visited him at the library and the church and the Capitol steps and the streets through Washington and across the bridge into Arlington Cemetery. Thank you to the military personnel who move so gracefully and precisely and beautifully and in the true spirit of protecting those who should be protected and honored. Thank you to the pilots who flew everyone around safely today. Thank you to Chris Matthews of MSNBC for saying what I'd been thinking all day, "I've never seen so many good-looking children in one place." Thank you to the congressional staff for their service. Thank you to those who revealed stories of his sailing and his love of the sea. I understand now. Thank you to President Obama for your grace and beautiful smile and empathy.

And gently, into the good night.