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Juicing Up the Web

And I don't mean the computer kind. I heard a story on NPR last night about the death of a 44-year old Danish jazz musician in a scuba diving accident. They said his death "ended one of the truly innovative trios" in Europe.

My friend's father just died. Another's mother just died. Another's aunt just died. Heath Ledger died. Tim Russert just died.  George Carlin just died.

I think that the Universe must be deciding we need all these people's energy and stubborness and fire and spirit and wisdom plugged into the Web that connects us all. The Web is being energized. Juiced up. Amped up. Readied to support a quantum shift of the human race.

And the consciousness of all those people must have to be there. Driving this morning, I felt them all around me. They aren't gone. They're there, waiting to catch us and hold on tight when we fly by.