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Sharpen Our Instincts for Empathy

That's how we become better.

That's how we honor those killed in Tucson.

That's how we rise to our own potential.

That's how we answer the question "what can I do?"

Thank you, President Obama, for the words that put the task before us.




No Special Protection

I empathize with elected officials' call for protection, but I don't believe that my tax dollars should go towards paying for security to be with them 24-7. It would be just another layer that separates them from us, the people they serve.

Where is the protection for those "regular folk" who are equally at risk and equally killed by guns? Where is the "security" for hospital workers and police officers and taxicab drivers who are at just as much risk, if not more?

Where is the "security" for the other victims and family members of the Tucson tragedy who aren't elected officials? Are they not equally due?

Paying for security for federal elected officials would be just one more layer of separation. They already have their health care and other benefits.

Most important, if protection is put in place, no one will ever knuckle down and tackle the *real* issues at hand here, which include lax gun laws and fund-strapped mental health services, especially at the local level.