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Kinda feeling that way and kinda not. There are still things that ground me -- like wondering how my cat's fur smells like marshmallow. 'Cuz his *breath* sure doesn't smell like marshmallow. And if he's cleaning himself then his fur should smell like his breath. But it doesn't. So basically I'm stymied but in a pleasant way.

There's all the other stuff floating out there that gets me spinning. You know what I mean. We're all living with the same things every day -- weather, work, driving, eating, cleaning, taxes, other paperwork, planning.

So I was feeling a little unhinged.

On the good side, I got myself a new bike. Spiffy.

On the good side, I'm listening to "Battlestar Galactica" music from Bear McCreary right now.

On the good side, I have three sips of chai left.

All good hinge-tightening salves.