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Passing of a Gene

Canon Eugene Sutton
Canon Eugene Sutton is leaving Washington National Cathedral and his Cathedral Center for Prayer and Pilgrimage in a couple of weeks. Yesterday, friends gathered for a small farewell and all told how they had met Eugene and been saved by Eugene and been "brought spiritually home" by Eugene. It was humbling and illuminating. cathedral.jpg

Eugene has the singular gift of creating a space for people to explore their unique gifts. Thanks to Eugene and his Cathedral Crossroads program, five years ago I started my journey of using music for healing and meditation. And I'm only getting started.

Eugene is becoming the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. He won't be that far away. We all imagine he'll come back from time to time. Eugene, like Barack, is a leader for these times and for this world. He is a spiritual leader who, while Christian, holds all traditions to heart and blends them beautifully to create a practice with meaning.

Good luck, Eugene. Namaste.